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los angeles a helicopter rescue. five plucked to safety during flash flooding. for commuters in southwest cities, the roads, a nightmare. in los angeles, two killed in collisions. in san diego, six rescued from sinking cars. slick roads in las vegas accounted for 141 crashes in 24 hours, 5 times more than normal. a flood watch is in place for the arizona desert. the forecast calls for 18 hours of rain. from the sierras to the rocky mountains, steady snow. today, 100-mile-per-hour winds forced heavenly mountain ski resort to shut down on its opening day. with the storm moving east, there's already a crunch at the airport. here at l.a.x., 2 million passengers will travel over the holiday, the most in the nation. but with more winter weather ahead delays and cancellations are inevitable. miguel almaguer, nbc news, los angeles. >>> at the other end of the country, as we mentioned, forecasters are already looking, already worried about what may be a bad weather setup for thanksgiving week. meteorologist chris warren is at weather channel headquarters for us tonight. chris, how do
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,ow facing a possible sentence of life in ison. mike taibbi, nbc new los angeles. >>> in seattle a mans under arrest after brehing security at seaac airport and managing to board a parkeet. authities say the man bolted through a security check a ran down a concourses police chasedim. he wenthrough an exit door, down thetairs to the tarmac. then he climbed a ladder to a jetway and from there made his way aboard the empty amerin airlines jet. he was arrested after a struggle. the man was like under the influence of drugs >>> two high ranking u.s. navy officers are under investigation in a widing bribery scandal. nbc's kristen welker has t story r us tonight. >> reporter: two high ranking naval ficers, vice admiral ted branch, director of naval intelligence. and rear admiral, bruce loveless, director of intelligence operations have had their access to classified 2346gs suspended and hav been placed on temporary lee. in a statent, the navy says the decisionas in connection with an ongoing naval criminal investigative service investigatn into illegal and improper relations with leonard francis. on
in miami. rain in chicago. same goes for dallas. los angeles, cloudy with a high of 68. >>> well, today the nation pauses to remember a dark day in its history. 50 years ago president john f. kennedy was shot and killed as his motorcade traveled through dealey plaza in dallas. this is how it looked when walter cronkite reported it on cbs. >> from dallas, texas, the flash apparently official. president kennedy died at 1:00 p.m. central standard time, 2:00 eastern standard time, some 38 minutes ago. vice president johnson has left the hospital in dallas, but we do not know to where he has proceeded. presumably he will be taking the oath of office shortly and will become the 36th president of the united states. >> thousands will gather at dealey plaza this morning for a solemn ceremony. >>> in boston, the jfk library opens an exhibit of never-before displayed items from kennedy's funeral. and at the white house president obama meets with volunteer from the peace corps, a program kennedy created. >>> vinita nair is in dallas with a story of a woman who was at dealey plaza a half a century a
. thank you. >>> breaking news in los angeles tonight. live pictures now from the los angeles international airport. the american airlines terminal there has been evacuated. we also understand that an suv slammed into a nearby parking garage. we're not sure if that is the reason the terminal was evacuated. these are live pictures on a story that's just now breaking at los angeles international airport. on november first a gunman opened fire inside terminal 3 at lax killing a tsa agent. the suspect was later arrested. again, a terminal at lax is evacuated tonight and these are live pictures from the scene. we're not sure exactly what's going on yet. we'll bring you more updates as soon as we get more information. >>> tonight we're learning more about a woman who was killed at a busy crosswalk in woodbridge, virginia last weekend. turns out she spent the past six months recovering from a motorcycle accident and then she was killed on the first day she left the house. shomari stone has reaction from the victim's husband, who is heart broken. >> she was the most giving person ever
aires o él se va para los angeles pero no dejen perder un amor verdadero. gracias por los consejos, don fernando. arturo y yo ya hemos hablado un poco sobre eso. muy bien, hija, muy bien. bueno. adiós. pero no dejes de volver siempre que puedas. eres como una hija para mí. don fernando la señora suárez me dijo que rosario nunca dejó de pensar en ud.... que siempre lo amó. ay, raquel, te voy a extrañar mucho. ya eres como una hermana para mí. y para mí también, angela. roberto: raquel... raquel, déjame darte un abrazo también. apenas nos conocemos pero ya eres como una hermana para mí también. cuídala a tu hermana, roberto. y tú angela, cuídalo a él también. tío, te veremos en un par de días, ¿no? sí, regresaré a la gavia antes de volver a la argentina. entonces no será un adiós sino un hasta luego. así es. vamos. buen viaje, ¿saben? ( campanas suenan ) raquel, he estado pensando. ¿en qué? mi vida ha cambiado tanto desde que te conocí. creo que los angeles me gusría mucho. descríbeme un poco cómo es. pues, los angeles es una ciudad única. no hay otra ci
to a private dinner at a pacific heights home and he leaves for los angeles. it will result in big headaches as secret service usually shut down the streets surrounding his motorcade. keep that in mind. >> we will have complete coverage of the president's visit and updates on twitter by following us at abc7 news bay area. >> amtrak train from new orleans to new york has derailed in south carolina. they are trying to figure what caused the train to go east track in south carolina, the northern part of the state. the cars all stayed upright and some passengers were taken to local hospitals but no joe injuries reported. 200 as juries -- passengers have to make the trip by bus. >> 61-year-old vet is plummeted with saving a woman's life after she jumped from the coliseum on the third level. fans shouted telling her not to jump but she did. a 61-year-old main veteran stepped in to break the fall. there is in question that the seriously injured fan saved the woman's life. >> he saved her life. but he is seriously hurt. he absolutely saved her life. >> both were rushed by ambulance to a local hospit
checks. >> president obama is in los angeles this morning wrapping up the west coast tour. he left bay area yesterday after a whirlwind visit that included a speech on immigration reform. in san francisco in chinatown, that appearance is drawing national attention when a graduate student from san francisco state interrupted the president's speech. >> please, use your executive order to halt deportation of the 11.5 undocumented immigrants right now. >> if i could self all these problems without passing laws in congress, i would do so. we are also a nation of laws. >> he treated me lick a little kid and did not directly answer my question. it was very disappointed. >> he is an undocumented immigrant from south korea and the graduate says he did not intend to interrupt the president but decided to speak out because he is tired of hear politicians talk about immigration reform and do nothing about it. >> mike, today is a safe day for santa claus to go down the chimney? >> a little early but safe, yes, it would be safe. it is a "spare the air" day is that what you are hinting at? >> i thoug
the >> pelley: late today, the los angeles county coroner released its findings in the death of gerardo hernandez, a t.s.a. officer shot in that attack on los angeles international airport. the l.a. police had started an investigation into whether hernandez had been allowed to bleed to death in the 30 minutes before he was evacuated but tonight the coroner's report found that hernandez died within two to five minutes of being shot. we'll be right back. and that relief could be in your hand. for many, nexium helps relieve heartburn symptoms from acid reflux disease. find out how you can save at there is risk of bone fracture and low magnesium levels. side effects may include headache, abdominal pain, and diarrhea. if you have persistent diarrhea, contact your doctor right away. other serious stomach conditions may exist. avoid if you take clopidogrel. for many, relief is at hand. ask your doctor about nexium. imany cold medicines may raisee your blood pressure. that's why there's coricidin hbp it relieves cold symptoms without raising blood pressure. so look for powerful
in los angeles tomorrow night. >>> the florida prosecutor leading the investigation innage alleged sexual assault involving jameis winston, since there is no timetable for a decision to be made, state attorney william meggs said four or five things still need to be done before any conclusions arconclusions are d. now the decision could come tuesday at the earliest. instead of presenting this to a grand jury, he's expected to decide himself whether enough evidence exist to pursue charges against winston who is expected to start tomorrow's game against idaho. florida state holds the number two ranking behind alabama. with both teams playing out of conference games against over matched opponents it opens the door for other marquee teams to battle for the spotlight this year including lsu and texas a&m. john henry smith asked graham watson about lsu's attempt to slow down quarterback johnny manziel. >> no one has been able to slow down johnny manziel. at texas a&m, averages 500-yard a game. close to 50 points a game. this is a team that is built to score. i don't know that lsu can stop it. th
? >> "bbc world news" was presented by kcet, los angeles. captioning sponsored by macneil/lehrer productions >> ifill: republican governor chris christie wins big in new jersey while democrat terry mcauliffe squeaks by in the race to lead virginia. plus, several major cities welcome newly-elected mayors. good evening. i'm gwen ifill. >> woodruff: and i'm judy woodruff. also ahead this wednesday, the supreme court tackles issues of church and state in a dispute over the prayers that begin one new york town's council meetings. >> ifill: and imagine life where your ears never stop ringing. for millions of americans and a growing number of combat veterans, there is no sound of silence. >> it would last maybe a day, sometimes three days, and then it would go away. and then one day, it
of the election and she goes to new york, atlanta, detroit, los angeles, san francisco. places where there are significant african-american populations and major labor unions because labor unions and then john kennedy had a very tempestous relationship because of bobby's relationship with the persecution of jimmy hoffa and so eleanor is designated to be the kennedy emissary to african-americans and labor. and so her campaign is instrumental there for the president's victory, although he won for many reasons but i think the one statistic that's very interesting is that as you all know he becomes president because he carries illinois by 247,000 votes. he wins 267,000 african-american votes in chicago. and eleanor spends three days of the last 16 days of the campaign working with the ncaap, going to african-american churches and holding rallies. so there was a let's say an iou that was, you know, desperately earned there. and when president kennedy appoints fewer women to presidential appointments than any president after fdr, eleanor begins there's no other word for it, to browbeat him
" was presented by kcet, los angeles. captioning sponsored by macneil/lehrer productions >> ifill: j.p. morgan chase agreed to a record settlement with the justice department today over mortgage practices that drove the financial crisis. the price tag: $13 billion. good evening. i'm gwen ifill. >> woodruff: and i'm judy woodruff. also ahead this tuesday, president obama personally appealed to senators to hold off on additional sanctions on iran. we have an exclusive interview with white house national security adviser susan rice. >> ifill: and we remember one of american history's most revered speeches delivered four score and 70 years ago today, abraham lincoln's gettysburg address. >> the speech is powerful in
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the same thing over the next 24 hours. nevada and flash flooding could be a potential. now, los angeles, unfortunately the rain will continue, thursday, friday, easing on saturday. we think you'll resurrect some of your weekend on sunday. high temperatures of 74. showers were a problem across the north of texas and oklahoma. down to the south not too bad. light over the next 24 hours. high temperatures not looking too bad at 74, san antonio 80. houston - that's where the rain will be. low temperatures friday to saturday. dropping to 55. >> a problem-plagued federal healthcare website is hurting the approval ratings of barack obama and his party. we go to rome georgia where tea party candidates are using the troubled to get votes. >> in rome georgia political chatter about what is happening as familiar as the sudden charm of main street. >> 90% of people up there don't have a clue what's going on in the united states. >> rome is home to conservative republican tom graves, one of the architects who wish to repeal obamacare. he can find plenty of supporters in rome who blame
not know each other, that is the way it is. it is war. >> such gangs began in the streets of los angeles in the 1980's and made their way into central america. heavily tattooed, the man on the right leads the gang of barrio 1 8. in jail for life, he continues to give orders from within his prison cell. more than 20,000 people have been killed across honduras over the past three years. in a country with high levels of poverty and unemployment, gangs region's lucrative drug trade. honduras is a key gateway to the united states. in this hotel room, one of the leaders of barrio 18 agrees to alk. >> to survive, we sell drugs and weapons. we cannot -- that is our life. >> a friend calls. i go with someone. and we are out. >> and you do not feel anything? >> no, why? toyou dig when they come kill us, they will feel something? like he is an orphan who killed for the first time at 14. his gang is his family. ask if i have to kill a guide to say one of our own, i have no problem with that. >> what is the way out for you? >> the only way out for me is death. they will kill me one day. that is for s
is rain continues across parts of phoenix and los angeles, yes, friday and saturday. the rain will be with you as well. as we go to the weekends things are looking better. texas, that is the big problem that we expect to see here on friday. the system coming into play will bring a mix of weather. highway 20 and 40 - that will be tricky, and you need to be aware of what is happening across the area. we expect to see freezing rain or sleet depending on what the temperature will be like. houston - you'll see the frontal boundary pushing through. watch what happens to that temperature. a long-term forecast for next wednesday. a busy travel day. we think it will be the south-east that will see most of the problems. >> a chilly discovery in england. police discover three women held against their will in a home for 30 years. an accidental landing a coringo plane touches down at the wrong airport. how they got the plane off a short runway. and the video game wars heat up as microsoft's xbox console hits stores in time for the holiday shopping season. >>. >>> police in britain are repo
. look at the pictures. this is outside los angeles. you get up to an inch and a half of rain in a place that hasn't had a whole lot. and that goes down. 120-mile-per-hour wind gusts in some of the mountains. it's a deadly mess for the west. transformers exploding. flooding. and violent winds, rocking parts of the west overnight. in utah, gusts of up to 80 miles per hour tore at these power lines. the result, transformers flaring. at least three people died in the san francisco area after 50-mile-per-hour winds tossed debris, shutting down interstates. >> this kind of weather always produces some problems for us because there's so much stuff flying through the air. >> reporter: in san diego, at least 300 accidents after heavy rain. check out this dramatic rescue, when a helicopter is rushed in to help this man. >> six, seven feet deep now. probably went up another four feet. >> reporter: four marines and a cab driver were submerged when the rising water overtook their cab. fortunately, they were able to climb through a window to safety. so many, counting their blessings this morning, lik
the way things used to be. >> the los angeles auto show gets under way this morning, expected to draw nearly 1 million people over the next ten days. this year visitors will see the next big step in the car industry. bill whitaker is at the los angeles convention center. bill, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. and good morning to our viewers here in the west. all the major automakers are driving to be green with hybrids and electric cars now in showrooms. but there's an old technology making a comeback. hydrogen power. this honda hydrogen concept car won't be available in showrooms until 2015. but if you're in a hurry, there will be one hydrogen car available this spring. >> our engineers have been hard at work. and the new hydrogen fuel cell solution is this. this is all of it. >> reporter: that's it. >> yep. >> reporter: for decades, engineers have touted the promise of zero-emission hydrogen-fueled cars. this week at the los angeles auto show, automakers finally are keeping that promise. hyundai is the first major automaker to mass produce a hydrogen fue
if fin could help the family with fundraising. the donor contacted the office of the doctor in los angeles who let me know speedy recovery, william. hope to see you soon. >> fantastic. >> beautiful. >> and a beautiful day. >> we can all feel the windy conditions. >> the high wind advisory has been canceled and they have been lifted. as we look right now a picture from the camera guard the bay bridge and look at that. we still have wind gusts in friend and cross most of the bay area, certainly in the east bay. in the north bay, we still will have high gusts in the hills and the mountains and the high wind advisory will last until 10:00 tonight. right now, we have the high gusts in certain areas, at 44 miles per hour in fairfield and 31 miles per hour in napa, and calmer along the peninsula and into the south bay, so you may want to hold on to your hats for a little while longer. looking at live doppler 7 hd radar satellite, not seeing any thing in the way of returns, but the moisture is head the to southern california. the ridge of high pressure is coming in, leaching us with a cool
. bringing the label back. the a big bet on it. tracy: from los angeles to hollywood. it's kind of the same thing. ashley: that is about 2 miles. let's take a look at the ten and 30 year treasury. the yield dropping. as we take a look at the 30 year , as we head to the break. there it is. the yield is coming down. we will be right back. ♪ tracy: time for your fox business brief. sony will make fewer of motion pictures and shift the more profitable television production . casone also identifies tumor and $50 million in cost cuts. a bankruptcy court in manhattan will consider approving the american airlines in the u.s. airlines approver. the world's largest airline. but the antitrust lawsuit held up the deal. a corner has robbed a 21 year-old bank of america merrill lynch and turn her back after working 72 hours straight at the investment bank's london office died of natural causes. because the bank to review the working conditions for junior employees. as the latest from the fox business network, giving you the power to prosper. we will be right back. will the new one woman pitbull 1 and a
. the disturbing trend coming up. >>> two different scares at los angeles international airport. one prompted this response from police. >> everyone, on the ground! >> everybody get down! >> we'll tell you what triggered that show of force. >>> and jackie kennedy's iconic pink suit. find out where it is now and why the wearabouts of her famous pill box hat remains a mystery. >>> talks on iran's nuclear program appear to be moving closer to a deal. u.s. secretary of state john kerry met with iran's foreign minister today after arriving in switzerland early this morning. it sounds like if there is going to be a deal, today just might be the day. jim shuuto is live in geneva. what's happening now? >> reporter: well, today are or the early morning hours since that key meeting between secretary of state john ker around the iranian foreign minister javad zarif, diplomats met twice and what they're doing now, both sides, going after the wording of this proposed agreement right tao down, according to iranian official, individual words in that agreement that might seem small but have great meaning to
you get to fresno at 71 and 74 at los angeles and 51 and clouds in tahoe. >> it looks like by looking at our cameras in concert, more and more drivers have been taking to the roads. it looks like the holiday road trips are going to be packed with fellow travelers but westbound 580 at greenville is causing a crimp in the commute at 45 miles per hour and 10 miles per hour closer to the accident. at the drive as you get closer to fremont, southbound 880, at highway 84, we have a stalled out car, blocking one lane, and a wide look at san jose. this is where we are seeing quiet conditions so no accidents out here, no stalls, and no construction to get in your way. >> this morning, a video called how to fight a baby is bumping up the web. gavin shows off wrestling moves on his ten-month-old son and the video received three million views in two days. he said it is a lightheartedject but not everyone gets this joke. >> do you have what it takes? can you take on your old man? >> some say it is funny and cute and others do not see the humor saying tossing a baby around could cause serious injur
? >> "bbc world news" was presented by kcet, los angeles.
their san diego home, they were discovered closer to los angeles. it doesn't match up. >> and away from the vehicle. >> reporter: miles from the vehicle and home. if that grainy video was the family crossing to mexico, there's so many questions that remain unanswered in this investigation, which is why the family is sort of scratching their heads. they still don't have full closure. >> it is terribly heart breaking. thanks for bringing that to us, nick valencia. if you want to learn more about it, go to >>> in a minute, i talk to a city council member from toronto among the council that decided to remove powers from this mayor. >>> all right, back to toronto where the city council has moved to strip mayor rob ford of some of his key powers. the action came after the mayor admitted to smoking crack cocaine, going on drinking binges. ford also defended himself against sexual harassment allegations and shocked canadians by making lewd comments in front of cameras. >> the last thing was olivia gop beck, that i wanted to eat her [bleep]. i never said that in my life to her, i would
's the fun thing about an hour outside of los angeles, thanksgiving is a little bit different. the farm is home to more than 100 rescued animals, goetz, sheep, chicken and pigs. their newest arrival a precious 2-month-old calf, but at thanksgiving time it's all about the turkeys. >> this she's one of our stars today. >> reporter: their annual celebration for the turkeys draws hundreds of families and volunteers, all coming for a very special thanksgiving dinner. >> thanksgiving is a time for people to be grateful. so, we came up with a different way of celebrating with the turkeys as guests of honor. >> reporter: from the founder started the event more than 20 years ago, the turkey sit at a beautiful table with all of their favorite foods. the dining etiquette, pretty much anything goes. they have plenty of adorning fans. >> she loves the turkeys. >> he likes the lettuce. >> the turkeys are very affectionate animals. they love having belly rubs. >> being compassionate and grateful is a huge part. the most important part of thanksgiving. >> reporter: in the eveni ining everyone else gets
this morning. los angeles police found darwin vella yesterday after he flagged someone down on the side of a road. on tuesday he withent for a walk with his dog. he did not return home but his dog did, along with a bloody leash. police won't say yet if vella was kidnapped. he does have some ties to hollywood celebrities and was scheduled to testify earlier this week at a hearing for a man accused of bug lrglarizing the e of nicolas cage's former girlfriend. >>> pixar has laid part of its staff in emeryville. fewer than 60 people were let go due to the postponement of its next animated feature. pixar is owned by disney, the parent company of abc 7. >>> president obama says the u.s. economy is improving, even if it's been overshadowed by political gridlock and the messy rollout of his health care law. in his weekly address the president says jobs have been created, the auto industry is recovering and deficits are falling. he's trying to be upbeat in the wake of his administration's failure to create a functioning health care website. >> our businesses have created 7.8 million new jobs in
to be mild under the sunny skies. the rain is coming. los angeles, it's coming down for a while. also around palm springs and the deserts of las vegas. so wednesday here comes the rain into thanksgiving day. it should be lightening up for some showers through the evening hours and then should be over by friday. at this point hard to pinpoint how much but we'll welcome it for sure. 64 in oakland today. look for 64 in livermore with numbers in the low 60s from palo alto. fairly uniform and tonight spencer is there for the tree lighting. 62 degrees. the seven-day forecast, little change on through tuesday. here comes a little bit of rain, thanksgiving looking sloppy. wednesday when people are out trying to get where they are going that could be a problem. >> dicey. get somewhere, stay there. and eat yourself silly. thanks, lisa. >> in sports, the big game is today. stanford versus cal t cardinal heavily favored. you never know what might happen. and the warriors plagued by injuries. here is larry beil with morning sports. >> good morning everybody. stef curry sat out in l.a. and to make matter
're live in los angeles with the latest at one of the nation's busiest airports. >>> we start with a fox extreme weather alert on a deadly storm system slamming the southwest. at least five people have been killed so far as a powerful system has already brought rain, ice and freezing temperatures from southern california to texas and is now making its way east. meteorologist janis dean with more. >> this is going to be our weather maker as we head into the busiest travel day of the year for the east coast. across the four corners, we're getsing heavy rain, very gusty winds, and some higher elevation snow. in some cases, over a foot of snow. look at these temperatures. dropping into the 20s, even the teens in the overnight and into tomorrow. a very cold system. in some cases, 30 degrees below average. as we stretch into texas. look at the pink on your map here. the potential for freezing rain and/or sleet tomorrow into monday, which could make travel next to impossible in and around the dallas area. your forecast precipitation, again, we could see lower elevations getting several inches o
holiday program for senator that clear based flightcars at sfo and airports in los angeles and boston. it allows air travelers to represent out their vehicles while gone rather than pay for airport packing. curing to flight car the average traveler could net $135 over a five day trip with flow airport packing savings and car share earnings. trading is underway in 15 or 16 minutes and today investors will watch the nasdaq to see if it can reach another market milestone. the index briefly crossed the 4,000 mark yesterday before closing just below at 3994 the first time nasdaq reached 4,000 in 13 years but, still, well below the high of 5,048 reached in march of 2000 the height of the bubble. >> this year black friday will bring in a lost green with 35 million people shopped on thanksgiving either in stores or online and a third as much as for black friday so who is out on thursday? the rest of the family eats turkey and watches football and falls asleep, the national retail federation says mostly millennials and young adults, with half offering a deal on thursday but if you like toship
neck of the woods the entire state is dry with 60's to fresno and los angeles and palm springs and low-to-mid 70's and tahoe mostly cloudy and 51. through the weekend, temperatures are in the low 50's with sunshine, no new snow headed that way. leyla gulen? >> i have an accident plugging up the drape westbound along 580 at the dublin interchange it will take an hour and 10 minutes away from tracy to dublin. with the middle lanes blocked that is adding a few minutes to the commute to our bay area airports where we have clear conditions and no sheriff departments reported near oakland and at sfo no delays and in san jose another great drive with a delay, but only a bit of pocket of delay headed between the 280/680 split to the nimitz. >> today marks the 35th anniversary of one of the $of the days if san francisco history on this day in 1978 mayor mascone and supervisor harvey milk were shot to death in the city hall offices by former supervisor dan white who was angry that mascone did not reappoint him as supervisor. milk was the first openly give supervisor and the assassinations will b
. >>> police officers storm los angeles international airport, guns drawn and passengers hit the ground. hear what triggered this scare this time. >>> and the u.s. and iran could be getting closer to reaching a big nuclear agreement. a live report moments away. >>> and new developments in the rape investigation involving a heisman trophy hopeful, and the fellow student. the results of dna tests coming up. >>> we begin with two frightening incidents at los angeles international airport. they happened almost simultaneously. one at terminal 4, the other at terminal 5. terminal 4, an apparent crank call to police causing this chaotic scene. it began when the caller reported a gunman at the airport, and this prompted this response to police. >> on the ground! everybody get down! >> police evacuated the terminal, but then, they didn't find anything suspicious, and they gave the all-clear. almost at the same time at terminal 5, an suv crashed, triggering a panicked reaction from passengers inside there. paul vercammen is live for us at l.a.x. paul, no connection to the two incidents, but nonetheless
sinai medical center in los angeles, at least until january first, when his bill would go up. >>"i know if i go see him, it's completely out of network and um, and it also doesn't apply against my deductible so it's really out of network, it's almost in another orbit." >> reporter:the new obamacare-compliant plan being offered by harris's current health insurance company will actually cost him five dollars a month less. but eitches, and four of harris' five doctors, are no longer in that network. >>"i've had patients come to me and say please do whatever you need to do because i don't know if i'll be able to come back and see you after december 31st." >> reporter:eitches says 10 percent of his patients now must either find new doctors, or pay steep out- of-pocket costs. >>"it's mind-numbing, it's mind-numbing." >> reporter:even for doctor eitches. >> reporter:less than six weeks before obamacare takes effect, he still doesn't know which, if any, insurance plans he'll accept. he has already stopped taking medicare. >>"honestly, what i may think about is not taking any insurance at all.""
not filed. and in a new interview with "the los angeles times," one time teammate cam kleeland said, i'm not afraid to say that he was an immature, unrealistic scum bag. cleveland adds, he was a locker room cancer. according to cleeland, he wanted to fight everyone all the time. a similar description sow to have what is seen in this one video of a shirtless incognito in a ft. lauderdale bar calling for any takers. >> who wants [ bleep ]? >> overnight in los angeles, martin's dad was asked about the controversy involving his son. >> have a good night. >> as the saga plays out, incognito has kept a low profile only seen briefly behind the wheel of his new black ferrari. cnn, miami. >>> did lee harvey oswald act alone? secretary of state john kerry weighs in. he said he has serious doubts about the assassination of john f. kennedy and this is a man very informed on this issue. we'll explain. >>> plus, part of a two-ton satellite is falling out of the sky back to earth this weekend. and it could land anywhere. >>> and why executives are sending their children to school that dramatically re
it will only be in areas surrounding los angeles and new york for now. n year will it expand. the sunday deliveries are at no extra charge. >>> controversy surrounding a high school mascot, why some say it's time to say good-bye to the fate that represents their school and how they plan to change it. >>> weather in the forecast for your sunday, in the extended forecast, rain on the way. i'll look at the numbers today and when, how much rain coming up. the low tides give people a chance to walk out nearly 1/2 mile on the rocky reef right now the lowest tides are expected to be the afternoon of new year's eve >>> average controversial mascot could soon be getting a facelift. students have proudly stood by their arab mascot. they sent a letter to the district complaining about the portrayal of arabs they are thinking about alations cartoonish design >> any reasonable solution would be one that erase the stereo typing of arabs as a whole >> the arab-america group is going to fly out from washington to discuss this. >>> a social media agency called clever girl collectives tracked miles on twi
and director of children services for the county hospitals of los angeles. dr. sophie is "outfront." this was a state senator, a prominent family who ran up against the system. couldn't get a bed for his son. if he could not get access, what does it mean for people who are not as fortunate? who are dealing with children who could have horrific problems and be at risk for themselves or others? >> it is a reality. the unfortunate thing. there are no beds. when there is a bed, the criteria to get into that bed of a danger to yourself, danger to others or inability to care for yourself, that criteria is so stringent that it is very difficult to get to that criteria. there are many barriers to getting a child some help. throws the things we're seeing. no matter who you are, as you see with this instance, it doesn't matter. >> we hear these mental issues happening again and again. some people point to them as to why guns are used. in this case, a gun and a knife. aurora, colorado, newtown, connecticut, los angeles airport with the tsa a couple weeks ago. this is, we just keep hearing it
one, "catching fire" is dominating theaters. check out the long lines at los angeles premiere thursday at the midnight showings along the sci-fi thriller made more than 25 million bucks, despite the trilogy success, the film's star, jennifer lawrence, isn't letting things go to her head. >> it literally the day the movie was releed, i had no idea i was famous yet or anybody had seen it. i don't think i actually knew the movie came out that day. i will not go to whole foods. >> what happened? >> whole foods had to call the police and i had to go down, like, the cargo elevator and i was crying. it's really sad. >> geez. >> i saw my ex-boyfriend there and he was, like, how is your life? and i was, like, really bad. he was, like, the worst. >> "catching fire" is expected to take in $166 million this weekend in the united states alone. >>> maybe miley cyrus will celebrate a birthday at the theater. the singer, dancer and occasionally outrageous celebrity turns 21 today. no doubt they'll celebrate the milestone with her first alcoholic beverage ever. i think it's facetious. she was born in 1
word of honor. i said i do. so he gave me several hours in los angeles. i got back to washington and i got a call from him about two weeks later, screaming, cursing coming yelling come you like to make him a light today, i should never trusted you. you have just been sued by sinnott shirt. i said you're kidding me. i had no idea. he had sued me in santa monica, california. the newest is in los angeles, but i hadn't been served. i told him, he said this is it. this is yeah. he said he'll fold. i said no, i won't fold. i hope i'll be able to afford the lawsuit, but don't worry, i won't fold. and that's how i found out i was good by frank sinatra. so this source, he was later very, very humble. he knew sinatra in the early years and worked with him on the way. his information was helpful because he was there. it did he like sinatra in the end? no, he didn't. and he tried to put that forward in the book. yes, i got this information. they are not friends now. another person i interviewed, brad dexter for this frank sinatra book save frank sinnott chose life was not true with stranding. i ha
friends who was on the stand. a distinguished criminal lawyer from los angeles. after a year or so of criticism, joe was a price the guy and he called the up the chief and said that, you know, they are smashing our report and what can we do about it. the chief said that need to be gone. history will prove us right. if years have passed and i would like to think that history has proved us right. but i'm enough of a realist to know that 50 years from now we will have another panel. [laughter] and most of us won't be here. so i think that once we can help investigation and say that the commission ignored this, dr. childs in his book said that the commission ignored the testimony of a deaf mute the testified that he saw a person with a rifle behind a white picket fence should a president. now, who can ignore the testimony of a deaf mute? i ask you. >> but he didn't say that backing for it. and when people went to the place where he saw what he saw, it was evident that he came back with another theory in the 1970s and the 1980s and i think that particular failure commission was impossib
around 4,000' of snow but the grapevine will be open all day headed to los angeles and san diego. dry in san francisco and we will look at live doppler 7 hd when we come back. leyla gulen has the traffic. >> good morning everyone, at 6:41. we had several accidents across the bay area with wet roads that could contribute to the accidents. in oakland we have two vehicles blocking one lane westbound along highway 24 coming up to 580 with the red indicating bumper-to-bumper traffic. the app shows a new accident at 7th on 280 northbound a major accident as recorded a minute ago. up to minute accidents are reported by the waze app. go to apple app and google play and you can download it for free. away from the nimitz and passing the accident you still have traffic away from 880. >> new details in the shooting at lax that left a t.s.a. officer dead and several wounds this morning, with the coroner saying t.s.a. officer hernandez died within two to five minutes of being shot after last week's report from the associated press it took 33 members for hernandez
tavis: good evening. from los angeles, i am tavis in smiley. an unedited anniversary of the assassination of president kennedy, we begin with a conversation with robert dallek whose most recent book is "camelot's court," which takes a close look at the president and his inner circle of advisers. then we will turn to a conversation with award-winning novelist ayana mathis whose first tome, "the twelve tribes of hattie," was a national bestseller. we are glad you have joined us. those conversations are coming up right now. >> and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. tavis: it has been estimated that over 40,000 books have been written about resident john f. kennedy. two of the most respected come from presidential historian robert dallek who has been called by "the new york times" kennedy's leading biographer. his latest book is "camelot's ."urt on the eve of the 50th anniversary of the assassination of john f. kennedy, robert dallek joins us tonight from washington. good to have you on this program, sir. thanks for your time. >> a plea
. >> if you're flying, airport delays are possible in phoenix, los angeles, dallas, memphis and houston. >>> police in britain are investigating a shocking discovery. >> three women held captive in a home in south london for 30 years. a 69-year-old from malaysia. a 57-year-old from ireland. and a 30-year-old britton who is believed to be born in captivity. it's similar to that of ariel castro who kept three women captive in his house for ten years in cleveland, right under neighbors' noses. >> they had rooms they could use. but they were very restricted on everything they could do. >> this morning all three of the women are in a safe place and said to be doing well. two people, a man and a woman, both 67 years old, are now in custody. >>> kennedy cousin michael skakel spending his first night out of jail in more than a decade. he is on bail in connecticut, while prosecutors appeal a ruling that granted him a new trial. he wants to spend time with family, including his son. if they lose appeal, they will put skakel on trial again. >>> a heartbreaking story from suburban minneapolis. two
't beat. lakers with one of them. the warriors improved as they may be can't get over in los angeles. 11 straight times they lost down there. the express rolls golden state again. curry out again. barnes on the defense. rejecting meeks. open court to bogue en. they are down one at halftime. bad to worse this the third. iguodala has been so good. comes up. pulls a hamstring. it may be a while. lakers 12-0 run. nick young, 21 points off the bench. palms from out from. you haven't seen the last of him. another pass from the warriors, lots of them tonight. lakers coast in, warriors have 2 straight losses, more important 33 injuries piling up. >>> 49ers know all about swinging and missing in the draft. but sometimes it goes the other way. like the guy that had no great pedigree but shows up large. that's the case with brock. the 49ers ever reward him. the cornerback who'll start monday against washington barely hanging on a year ago. he's worked his way into the lineup and four year contract worth $16 million. $7million is guaranteed. he leads the 49 worse four interceptions -- 49ers with fou
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